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Flash Pulmonary Edema

29 Jul


This heart is failing.

Your Left sided Bloody Back up

Is Drowning me.

This pressure.

This Left Atrial pressure

This increase in Pulmonary venous pressure

This increased hydrostatic pressure

You are forcing this fluid out of my pulmonary capillaries

Into my interstitial spaces

and Alveoli.

Your fluid and my air

Are bubbling together

And we become together

A pink frothy mess.

I drown in your pink sea.

Sudden, Acute, Flash, Pulmonary Edema.


26 Jul



That feeling that something was missed.

And that person will replay in the mind the events.

She was afraid.

Her nurse told her that everything was going to be fine.


Everything was not fine.

Not OK.

Nothing was fine.

And that new nurse was suddenly turned into

A liar that day.




25 Jul


Is it possible to look into someones eyes

And know what they are thinking?

Did you ever look into someones eyes

And feel what they are feeling?

Did you ever look into someones face

And see the years, as pain etched like a rock

Sandblasted for years

With fine black sand?

Is it possible to just know.

To just know someone without ever knowing them?


There are some people

Who answer others questions before the questions are asked

Those who see into someones face and just know what they want,


It is almost like a chemical reaction.

It is chemical affinity.

And when this happens.

When emotional oxygen binding to heme is decreased.

One will wonder what you are.

Are you carbon monoxide

Or Carbon Dioxide

Starving the tissues.

There are increased levels of ATP degradation.

No that is not what is happening.

It is the opposite.

The affinity for your oxygen is to high. Continue reading


21 Jul



And your heart is larger on one side.

Unbalanced or Normal?

Sick at Heart

15 Jul


I love your heart.

I want to know how to go to work do my job well, come home from work and still be normal.

Well maybe I am not normal. Anyway I am just experiencing some random weepiness, and that is not to mean that I can not work when things potentially go badly; and remain emotionally intact. I know I can.

To say that though is to assertain that I am somehow special and I am not.

Oh look at that heart above. It looks like a fat heart. It was not meant to be that fat.

It just ended up that way.

It ended up a selfish fat heart.

I hope I am not like that.

And what about the diseases of the heart?

There are so many.