25 Jul


Is it possible to look into someones eyes

And know what they are thinking?

Did you ever look into someones eyes

And feel what they are feeling?

Did you ever look into someones face

And see the years, as pain etched like a rock

Sandblasted for years

With fine black sand?

Is it possible to just know.

To just know someone without ever knowing them?


There are some people

Who answer others questions before the questions are asked

Those who see into someones face and just know what they want,


It is almost like a chemical reaction.

It is chemical affinity.

And when this happens.

When emotional oxygen binding to heme is decreased.

One will wonder what you are.

Are you carbon monoxide

Or Carbon Dioxide

Starving the tissues.

There are increased levels of ATP degradation.

No that is not what is happening.

It is the opposite.

The affinity for your oxygen is to high.

Affinity is: The force that causes chemical reactions. It is either entering into or resisting decomposition. It is 2 unlike chemical structures, forming a chemical compound.



One Response to “Affinity”

  1. T. Amjad August 22, 2007 at 04:58 #

    this poem is very well written
    i like it a lot! 🙂

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