Heart. Lungs.

8 Aug

heart-and-lungs.jpgSo what is it about the heart and lungs? Maybe I have a thing for the cardio-pulmonary side of the body. Maybe it is because of my experiences so far. While I was a student nurse I spent the summer on a medical/surgical floor that specialized in oncology. I will admit I was not crazy about it there.

After graduation I went through an internship at my local hospital and had a 6 week rotation on a mostly surgical post operative floor…and I really liked it. I loved making those little hug me pillows where I would draw hearts and smiley faces on them, I would write the words “hug me” on them with my colorful permament markers that I felt the need to pack in my bag. I loved the teaching: the incentive spirometer etc…. I loved getting my patients out of bed to the chair for the first time….and once I even cried when one post op patient had a bm(pooped) for the first time 3 days after surgery. I cried because she cried, she was happy, and it just seemed like an accomplishment. Can you imagine? I am such a nerd.  Needless to say I did not stay there as my six weeks came to an end I headed over for my telemetry rotation.

So I get to this tele floor and think that these nurses are running around like mad people with this glazed look on their faces. I spent the next 12 weeks there with a great preceptor who sort of just made everything ok. I was then hired for a full time day position. That is where I remain. Steadfast. The thing is I really like it; although there are times where I feel that the level of stress is releasing dangerous chemicals into my blood stream, and I forget what that is called…something like fight/flight syndrome. It is easing a bit though…I do not expect comfort and ease or confidence for a while and that would be true for almost every new nurse regardless of what type of floor. The experience is so worth it. and. I love hearts. More experiences to come later….about this love…for now the beach is calling me. The ocean.


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