9 Aug


Yes. I was accused of being a pill pusher  by a patient.


Can you imagine?

I was crushed and hurt and felt guilty because I was busy and was thinking in my mind…How can I get this patient to swallow these pills faster?

Applesauce maybe?

I felt sad that my patient felt that all I wanted to do was to administer pills, in a little cup and be on my busy way. Was I standing there displaying, emitting, radiating that attitude?  I certainly did not go to school and work hard to become a nurse to be accused or even remotely thought of as a pill pusher! How interesting this experience is becoming!

And I did turn it around with information and education! Dear Patient….This pretty pill is for this and this pretty pill is for that…and this will do this and that one will do that for you. It is alot.

It is alot and I was so shocked at first! I remember the fist time I had to administer 80mg of Lasix IV.  So I was afraid, I will admit it!  I saw the big brown bottle and said “what in the heck is this!” Big Brown Bottle of Furosemide page 590 of my 2006 Intravenous Medications book lists major side effects of: blood volume reduction, cirulatory collapse, dehydration, hypokalemia, metabolic acidosis, vascular thrombosis, and embolism. Side effects of: anemia, blurring of vision, reversible deafness etc……shall I go on?

Anyway I read the rate of admin for pushing this and went to ask all of my co-workers one by one if this was usual than went on my new nurse way to push it in, after of course I checked the pressure.

What about Decadron IV. Oh yes I was afraid especially after the patient told me that vision was lost after the 5am dose that the night nurse had given! I was thinking. Thinking about how this was not listed as a side effect of decadron; although it does say periodic opthalmic exams may be needed with prolonged treatment.(guess I will be researching this sometime soon.)

I was assured by many a nurse and MD and conitinued to administer the 8mg of Decadron IV q 8 hours.

I am a wimpy new nurse, I am lucky to have so many hands to hold!



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