9 Aug

cancelled_qjpreviewth.jpgLook at that word Cancelled. It just does not even seem to be proper or even spelled correctly. It just looks odd. Perhaps I have not used the word enough. Of course there are cancelled checks, cancelled appointments, but cancelled nurses? The whole business just seems strange!


Here is the thing…and I sort of understand….the census is low…meaning not alot of sick people and that is good right? Of course it is.

Here is my problem,  I mean misunderstanding.   I remember last week when another nurse was cancelled. Sure, there were open beds on our floor, that lasted a few hours. Soon enough we were all up to 6 patients. Will there ever be a day where you get the phone call….The census is low but maybe you should come  so that each nurse can have 4 or 5 patients today? We can all leave on time. We can all document above and beyond. And most importantly we can all give that extra gift of time to our patients.

I just do not get it…but I am New Nurse Jane so maybe that is the problem, I mean misunderstanding.

Can you imagine a busy telemetry nurse with 6 patients running the floor, and she barely has time to breath, worried about her patients. Another nurse is at home right now writing this post! For what? To save the hospital money? Someone fill me in!


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