10 Aug

It was a gross experience. So of course I have been home from work desperately trying to find out everything one could possible know about this stenching, rotten medication. There seems to be loads of info available. Of course I found the indications for decreasing mucus production for: for patients with abnormal, viscid, or inspissated(thickened in consistency; made or having become thick, heavy, or intense mucous secretions.) Trach care. Diagnostic bronchial studies. To protect the kidneys before and after contrast… Oh yes…during anesthesia too.

Tylenol Overdose protocol to prevent or lessen liver damage.

Some trials I found include: Reduction of viral load of hep C–ongoing trial can be found here:;jsessionid=9B1C1E36614D9244EB1932ED3C0C06C1?order=46

Clinical trial to reduce proteinuria in Diabetics found here:;jsessionid=033D6CE84B843B679D5D863413814162?order=3


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