Atrial Fibrillation

13 Aug


Well…it did not take me long to recognize this arrythmia. I graduated nursing school in December of 2006.  I started an internship on March 5. Spent the first 6 weeks on an medical surgical floor than went to telemetry for the next 12 weeks: I remained on telemetry because I like it.

What I learned about it: It is irregular that is irregular…irregularly irregular. No p waves. Fibrallatory waves. It is impulses firing from many different ectopic pacemakers in the atria. The ventricles respond irregularly.

It seems to be alot of the same story…patient comes to the ER for some complaint that may be or may not be related to this arrythmia. Since it is usually not known when this arrythmia started cardioversion does not happen for these stable patients. So…. I expect that they will be administered some heparin–maybe a beta blocker or ca+ channel blocker to control the rate; maybe a TEE and if there are no mural thrombi hanging around–cardioversion.

I really got a kick out of hearing the “patient “converted to NSR, for the first time. It just sounded funny. That is always wonderful.

These are my new nurse observations.







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