Your Liver

21 Aug


The liver. I must admit does not excite me to much.  Most likely because I am still trying to understand so many other things.  It just so happened that one week (meaning 3 twelve hour shifts) which I will not admit when, I happened to be caring for two people at the same time with problems both related to cirrhosis of the liver.

During this time I observed: Mental deterioration.  Ascites, and care after paracentesis.  I was also informed by Zorro (one of the many Zorro’s I will not reveal which Zorro)  that I was also observing: Low SVR syndrome and Hepatopulmonary syndrome. I am still trying to understand the latter, as for low SVR syndrome, I “get” it but still do not understand why it is happening with liver problems.  For more info on these complications see the link: See Lesson 1 and Lesson 13 here: It helped me a bit.

I observed: fatigue, malaise, disorientations, distention, jaundice, itchy skin, shortness of breath.

I felt: sad and tired from repeating myself over and over with no verbalization of understanding. I was worried.

I felt: happy with decreasing ammonia levels and better understanding, better response and improved mental status.

Be nice to your liver it does alot!  The liver is in the right upper quad of the abdominal cavity!(yeah!) It helps regulate blood glucose. It converts the toxin Ammonia to urea. Protein metabolism. Fat metabolism. Vitamin and Iron storage. Drug metabolism. Bile Formation. Bilirubin extretion(which seems cyclic).

And all this is the reason for this latest artwork above titled: your liver. Don’t forget to click on the liver to make it bigger!



2 Responses to “Your Liver”

  1. Kim August 24, 2007 at 20:23 #

    When I saw the circulatory system of the liver in Body Worlds in June, it looked exactly like the picture – texture wise!

  2. seejanenurse August 25, 2007 at 02:14 #

    I must be doing something right then (intuition); I haven’t seen Body Worlds, is that the Art Exhibition of Human Anatomy in NYC now? I scanned the picture from an anatomy book, then added a “whirlpool effect” than a “pastel” effect over that to give me that texture. I do love my computer graphics program!

    I am an artist disguised as a new nurse.
    Or a new nurse disguised as an artist. ? Or Just both which is very common.

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