What I learned today Rx

23 Aug
  1. Haldol and Ativan can make an elderly confused patient even worse! The Risperadal worked good.
  2. Do not forget about Tylenol and patients with liver problems.

I am frustrated that I display a lack of confidence sometimes. There is just so much I need to learn and “re-learn”.  Over and over again.

I want everything to be perfect and stable (all the time) and when 7pm comes around. I want all my patients in clean white sheets, relaxing comfortably in their rooms, clean, and tidy and in no distress.  I am just so “hung” up on this. So I work and work like a busy bee all day for 12 hours and feel like I am going round and round trying to “fix” everything. When 7pm comes–it “looks” or seems that there is so much more–and that I did not do anything!

And it gets worse if the night nurse starts aggressively asking questions before you can finish (i am getting there!) I am trying to get all the information out in one sentence…but that is really not physically possible.

Anyway I will surely write that post when one day—one fine day– all my paitents are pretty clean in white sheets, all with stable pressures, all NSR on the monitor, none of whom are in pain, none of which are febrile,  all smiling happily ready to meet the next nurse!


2 Responses to “What I learned today Rx”

  1. Kim August 24, 2007 at 14:06 #

    I cannot stand nurses who interrupt me when I am trying to give a verbal report. It’s like they have a set of blank spots that they are trying to fill in and I had better get to the “important” stuff like what was their I&O or do they need a bedscale weight.

    I realize this stuff is important but LET ME TALK and I will get to all the pertinent info.

    This was decreased significantly when we started doing written reports.

  2. seejanenurse August 25, 2007 at 02:20 #

    For report we now have a “standardized” sheet hospital wide that every nurse must use. (feeling reduced to a robot). This policy lasted about 1 week…especially considering there is one spot for vitals about 1/2 inch small–I suppose the 3 sets of vitals (or more) I take in 12 hours is going to fit in that space.
    There are lots of nice little boxes for “important” stuff.

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