3 in a row

30 Aug

It just happened again: 3 in a row. This happened by switching with someone who needed the day off.

I am tired. 3 twelve hour shifts are never twelve hours. (at least not for most new nurses).

I get to work at 7am. I leave by 9 pm at the earliest (sometimes). I just have not found that key to organization to get me out on time.

Trying to get everything done is impossible. I learned to say no to the night nurse! My patient rolled onto the floor at 6 pm from the ED. I took vital signs, assessed for chest pain, called for admission orders, deemed the patient stable, and that was that. I was not going to stay even later, to … admit the patient, reconcile medications etc…I just said it is a 24 hour job. I said the policy says….”…………………..” Oh I got “b****ed out for that one! She said she is aware of what the policy says, she asked me if I was aware of “nurse courtesy”  OK I felt like a jerk. What is a new nurse to do?

I am not super nurse.


Meet Jane of the hospital jungle.

I am not Zorrita Nurse.

I am not Zorro nurse girl. I can not make everything perfect for the next nurse! I am doing my best.


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