Who is Zorro MD?

1 Sep


Just who is Zorro MD? 

In literature and movies there is the original Zorro, introduced in 1919 in a weekly magazine later released as the novel, “The Mark of Zorro.” There have been many movies featuring Zorro since then and they are usually about the original Zorro or descendants of Zorro or those taking on the mask and hence role of Zorro.As in literature and movies about Zorro, this website has many Zorro MDs as well. There is the original Zorro MD-whose personality and signature prompted the spontaneous idea and characterization of Zorro MD. The story is simple actually.


 So who is Zorro MD?

The original Zorro MD was given the label Zorro based on his signature that seemed to be found in many of my patient’s charts, but I soon found out that Zorro was a great teacher, super nice, funny and did not mind being called “Zorro.” The original Zorro is the only one who knows about this character of Zorro MD–although the original Zorro does not know about this place.There have been a few more Zorros added to my list of Zorro MD since the original Zorro MD. Generally to be included under this fictional umbrella of Zorro MD the aspiring Zorro usually tends to be informative to patients and staff, teaching, and is nice. The kind of MD that informs the nurse of now orders because they are important: instead of coming back 2 hours later and screaming at the nurse see the comments by one reader here: http://www.grahamazon.com/2007/08/dont-make-me-be-an-intern/ (which I have to say thankfully no one has ever yelled at me!) That would just feel unprofessional. (And I would also doubt the competence of the yeller.)

Zorro would never yell at anyone. Zorro always leaves his in house cell number so that the nurse can call when clarification is needed, or anything, even if it is just reassurance.  Zorro is trusted.  Zorro is professional. Zorro is not perfect (no one is) but Zorro knows his stuff, and seems to somehow, cover everything. Zorro is funny. Zorro likes being called Zorro!  

To read more about Zorro MD: there is a category on the left side labeled Zorro. That is where references to Zorro can be found. Remember: There are many Zorros including the original Zorro and some of these Zorros are real, some are not. This is all apart of one creative endeavour. It is Zorroistic.



One Response to “Who is Zorro MD?”

  1. keepbreathing September 5, 2007 at 02:37 #

    I was trying to find a way to make a Zoroastrian pun but I’m just too tired.

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