Paging Dr. Zorro

19 Sep


The patient has many different providers, nurses, one surgeon, one attending, one GI, one ID, one cardiology, one pulmonary, patient managment, physical therapy, pharmacist, social worker. It is possible, not unrealistic.  I feel at times as if I am in the middle of a tornado.  I do not want to seem to be complaining.  Honestly. I love being a nurse ♥. I just do not like being on the phone all day. I want to hang up and start nursing. It is hard, and maybe one day we will find a better way of communicating important information: for the patients, and for everyone else.


Oh! The sticky notes! How can you say what you need to say on a sticky note, still be concise, without demanding ?


Dear MD: Can I have this and this for this patient because of this and that? Signed: Nurse

If it is Zorro MD: I would not have to write a sticky note.  Zorro finds his nurses to find out how Zorro’s patients are doing.  

Sticky notes and phone calls. 







Hey I am new at this so of course it will be hard right? I totally understand that. There are just so many things that I never learned in nursing school.

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