School of Nursing far away

26 Sep

I aced all my tests in nursing school. I just knew how to answer the question with a gut feeling almost. Of course I studied hard all the time, cooking dinner, in the car, everywhere! For some reason unbeknown to me I became licensed and get a job and my brain somehow got drained and what I have retained is the minimum basics, back to safety. I can be safe, but I can not satisfy my patients and keep everyone happy. It is just insane. Maybe if I went to this school here I would be the perfect nurse right out of nursing school. new_1.jpgLike this nurse here. ← she is learning “nursing manipulations”  My school never taught me how to manipulate anything!


No these are not students in some top notch culinary school, these are nursing students.

I sort of like their little hats! Anyway the school is somewhere in Europe but they teach American Curriculum, in an attempt to come over here and work I suppose.


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