1 Oct


This is a special post in an effort to say thank you! To the nurses this weekend that helped me as I literally cracked out on Saturday night into tears, I burst into tears, sobbing, hyperventilating even to the point of ridiculousness over…..pillows.


Yes ladies and gents, nurses, and non nurses alike.  I had a melt down over, a pillow.

It was the straw that broke the camels back I guess.


See this camel? Yeah that was me. I saw it coming too because all day my group, or their actually psychotic family members  ran me into the ground.

It was as if nothing I did was good enough.

  • I could not manage pain well enough even with Pain Rx every two hours.

  • I could not answer questions well enough.

  • I could not get the MD to order a laxative fast enough.

  • I could not get someones heart rate low enough.

  • I could not get someone blood thinned in therapeutic range.

  • I could not get my patient to eat enough and the disgusting daughter from mars managed to the eat the patients pureed baby food trays fast enough (nasty)

  • And the prize winner: Missing Carafate from the pyxis machine–(it was not in the right place and I never saw it) –and the forgotten extra pillow.

  • jane-of-the-jungle.jpg

That was me again. Ahh…but was saved and supported by the Weekenders, both day shift and night shift.

Who actually take the time to teach and help.  The teaching is important. I need to learn so that I do not feel like a trained monkey!

I felt special! (I think I need to work on the esteem issues) Seriously it is hard to have a high self esteem when you try really hard to make sick people happy, or feel better all day and sometimes, it just does not work! Obviously it can not always work because if everything was peachy they would not be here in the first place! 

So thank you! Nurses who help new nurses gain from others experiences!





2 Responses to “Weekenders”

  1. Night Witch October 10, 2007 at 22:18 #

    Perfect topic after a hellish night yesterday with some stressed out nurses. Thank you!

  2. kim January 23, 2009 at 04:11 #

    This happened to me and i totally cracked out about an nonemergent picc line that no matter how many phone calls or CXR or physician orders could be obtained– whay do we do this to ourselves?

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