Your Flu Vac–at your service.

1 Oct

 Meet Nurse Ellie.  Here she is with her (shhhhhhhhhh) really big needle. Ellie needs to inject this large needle into someones muscle tissue. ouch. Nurse Nellie administered a few Intra muscular injections in nursing school with great success in front of clinical instructors.  Ellie roams the floor of some local hospital in somewhere USA–administering influenza and pneumococcal vaccines to needy patients daily.

I am less and less appalled at those huge IM needles every time! I have fully recovered from the time that a needle actually “bounced” off of a patients arm and I was left standing there looking at the needle and wondering, what was that?the needle did not go in and I am still standing here with this big needle in my hand just staring at it. Flabbergasted by what had just happened I calmly handed the needle to my preceptor who then darted the big needle straight into the patients huge, beefy, firm, shiny deltoid muscle with no problem.


Yes. That one still puzzles me. The one that bounced away. Seriously though—no problems tonight!


3 Responses to “Your Flu Vac–at your service.”

  1. Jessica May 16, 2008 at 00:44 #

    I came across this randomly but can so relate! My first year of Nursing school I bounced a needle off someone’s stomach trying to give lovenox… i was like.. what do i do now? hehe


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