Your morning medications.

5 Jan



I felt like a real jerk. One of my patients was supposed to be discharged to go home the other day. A patient that honestly I have no idea the reason why the level of stay was so long or why the patient was still being monitored via telemetry. The patient had a history cardiac arrhythmia but that was not new or anything different and it was controlled. This patient was located at the nurses station and could not be left alone in the room due to fall precautions. (the patient liked to climb out of bed)

So during my shift I started with 6 patients and was busy as usual and I completely forgot to medicate the patient with morningmedications, and I did not realize it for a long time- approximately 6 hours later. The patients attending came to discharge the patient and I had to reveal the tele strip with 5 beats of v tach. I still did not remember the fact that I did not give the patient the morning calcium channel blocker or any medications at all!

The end result: No harm to the patient. The hospital was pretty annoyed though because a cardiologist was consulted, more tests, and another day at the Ritz.

Anyhow I felt like an idiot and the Cardiologist tried to assure me that the 5 run of v tach is not because of late medication administration, but somehow I do not believe that.

What I learned: I have to be careful and administer all medications in a timely fashion. (I am serious) and I went home to learn more about calcium channel blockers and multi focal atrial tachycardia and COPD patients. Perhaps my essay will follow one day.


One Response to “Your morning medications.”

  1. keepbreathing January 14, 2008 at 02:58 #

    Bummer about the morning meds, but…it happens. I’ve been a practicing RT for five years now and I still make silly mistakes and miss things…I guess they call it practice because you really never can know it all.

    It can take a long time to build a routine for yourself, and nursing is really quite challenging. You guys are overworked and underappreciated.

    I believe in you!

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