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Zorro and our coffee.

23 Feb


Zorro MD was so kind to us on the floor: the floor of central telemetry monitoring.  Since it seems that Zorro MD would most likely be the only one from his group working on central telemtry floor this one Saturday he decided to buy us all coffee and muffins and treats with creamers and sugars! I am not a big food lover, but I do love the coffee. Coffee goes well with the rollerskates I use up and down the halls to get all my work done.

Todays Blue

16 Feb

So today the patient in the room next to one of my patients goes into respiratory…well arrest…she stopped breathing!  So the code was called and the response team came which of course included the RT–so the RT is bagging the patient and the House Doc arrives and says “Where is the RT?” Everyone was like duh…bagging the patient.

Anyway the outcome was actually ok this time.