The Big Brain in my Chest

7 Mar


During my studies starting probably with oxygenation…I thought of the heart as a pump!

The years went by and I started working

caring for patients being monitored via telemetry as my first job, (and only so far).

I thought it was neat that these little packs attached to electrodes placed on the chest could map the electrical activity in there.

It is more than that. It is the whole system, the chemicals, the transmitters, the electricity, the pipes.

It is the questions, the feeling, the brain in my chest.

The flushing and racing, and beating and stopping or slowing or pausing.

The dizziness or fainting or pain, fright, or trauma. The sweat, lighthead, or nausea, or tingly feeling, of vagal reaction.

So how does it work again? and again I go around the same things with the answers and the unanswered.

The tears and the feelings of that big squeezy thing in the chest that dictates so much,

of what you do.

who you are.

how you live.

and die.

There is some big muscle thing in there

I can feel it. We all feel it.

And when I can not sleep and my eyes are closed,

I can lay there and see in my brain

My heart

and I see feel and know

What it is doing.

It is beating hard.


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