Takotsubo syndrome.

24 Mar

I am convinced that there is more to a heart than pumping action, oxygenation and so on. There is such a thing a broken heart thats demise was other than biological predispositions or life style etc…There really is a broken heart syndrome, though it may be rare. Here is a read at EchoDoc.

Of course it is a rarity, but I will not dismiss it. After all  many have felt the pangs of heart ache, with or without reason, or angst–The crushing chest pain of anxiety that spans the width of the chest.

Or how does anger harden the arteries?

Who hardens their heart?

One Response to “Takotsubo syndrome.”

  1. Not so sad anymore March 24, 2008 at 23:45 #

    I’ve hardened my heart in this way:

    Give and give, but don’t ask for anything back in return. It’ll be paid back somehow on its own, or you’ll just notice it was always there.

    Cool thing about giving is that you’ve really got so much to offer, it’s indescribable. Nobody really lacks anything, you just gotta let em know that through your own actions.

    Don’t worry about loss. unfortunately, you have to accept that it’s the natural way of the world.

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