Your nephron

15 Apr

So I may go on and on about the heart and lungs while ignoring the kidneys at all costs; that is not very nice.  I was just thinking about this the other day at work while sipping lemonade, gingerale, cranberry juice and of course the natural form of lasix in the shape of a white coffee cup. 

Renal function is just so hard. Think about it. Blood pressure, acid base balance, output, filtrating, purifying, The kidneys just work so hard.

I will follow up with this in a few days. I am still thinking about this.

Anyway see my art creation of the nephron and arterioles to go with it! 

This will also go under my newest category!  RENAL! 

Those renal smart people are strange.


2 Responses to “Your nephron”

  1. Lisa Bromfield October 14, 2009 at 19:07 #

    Jane, This rendering of a nephron is gorgeous! I love the depth and the color and what a deserving topic of your attention.

    I am also a nurse and am also artistically inspired by the human body. I was looking for a picture to use in a video I am shooting to go along with a song titled, “Groovin’ on the Nephron Line”

    With your permission I’d love to show this image (assuming my technical counterpart can transfer it into a video).

    You can listen to my song at

    In fact, if you let me use your picture, I’ll send you a copy of my CD : ) – 14 songs that teach A&P

    Good luck in your artistic endeavors,

    • seejanenurse October 15, 2009 at 01:50 #

      that is so awesome of you! wow! You just made my day! Thanx! Take it, it is yours to do whatever you like and I would be so honored. I will definately check out the song. I can not wait to hear it! Grooving the nephron line! how cool!

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