25 Apr


  • Body fluid is water that has electrolytes dissolved in it.
  • Homeostasis is always the goal.
  • Intake and output really only balance q 72hours!
  • Insensibly the lungs put out about 300-500ml of water q 24 hours!
  • Insensibly the skin puts out about 500ml day (think about that next time your  patient does not drink or eat anything.)
  • For patients with renal problems fluid requirements can be made by multiplying the body surface area times the insensible water loss (neat)!!Fluid has many pertinent functions….Maintains blood volume, regualates  body temp.   Transports stuff to and from cells. Cellular metabolism medium–digestion of food–a medium for waste–
  • I always seemed so puzzled by how fluids and electrolytes work…I am working on this puzzle now!

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