20 May

I am not sure why it bothers some nurses to care for patients whose wishes are no resuscitation: no chest compressions, no intubation, no medications.

I think that part of being a nurse is helping those who are dying to be comfortable and at peace with their life and their end. I have no problem with death, it is a part of life.

Giving report though to the  next nurse about the code status of DNR always seems to put them on edge or it touches a raw nerve or something. This just reminds me that it takes special nurses to care for the dying patient. The opposite of where I work on telemetry where the goal is adrenaline and maybe 1 out of 48 on the floor in a DNR status.


One Response to “DNR”

  1. Wanderer May 20, 2008 at 16:36 #

    It’s not the DNRs that bug me, it is the ridiculous ones that get me. No compressions, but pressors OK; no shocks but CPR OK. It should be black and white, not gray.
    The ones that I really hate though are the 90+ year-olds in some end-stage disease, contracted, moaning in the bed, enough meds thru a PEG to keep a normal person zonked for a week and no family to speak of who are FULL CODES. We aren’t going to save them, let life run its course.

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