Pulseless Electrical Activity

27 May


The potassium level.

Any possible aspiration.

The test results.

The second time,

My hands shook less.


A bronze color blue.



Chest compressions



Maintaing Chest



Rhythm Checks.

200 to 360 joules.


A gray, ashen, dry blue.

ashy, cadaverous, lurid, wan, waxen, blue.

It was the second Code Blue situation that I have been in.

This time it was not my patient.

The first code blue: the code team arrived and worked in what seemed

a weird chaotic unison. I stood in the corner and answered questions about the clinical situation. This time I recorded. Everything went according to the recommendations some as I learned, but the patient still came to demise. I went home that night feeling sorry for the primary nurse and wondering how it is that I do my job and maintain my life. I watched a soul leave someones body. I witnessed that bronze blue to dry dead blue and just left the room and went back to check on my own patients in a continuous assessment that lasts for twelve hours. I am supposed to go home and be normal.


One Response to “Pulseless Electrical Activity”

  1. Wanderer May 28, 2008 at 06:14 #

    It’s our way of dealing with Code situations, we go check on our patients, wait for the shakes to abate, go home and sleep. It’s not necessarily the best way, but it’s how many of us do it. Sorry that the end result wasn’t the best, it’s part of our job though. It’s not for lack of trying I’m sure. It’s really when these things don’t get under our skins that it becomes a bad thing. Feeling weird about it is normal, it’s how we process.

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