Bad Weekend

25 Jun

I had a bad weekend last week…working. I am ready to go back tomorrow. That is what I love about my job;as hard as it is, I am always ready to do it again. Ready to forget about the bad times, and the condescending family member who hurt my feelings last shift, forget about the MD who made me feel like poop  because I did not call and ask to renew an antibiotic for a patient (?) (the condescending family member complained about not having more antibiotics and the physician blamed it on me in front of the family member). I had no idea that antibiotics were continual with no sign of infection or that it was in my job description to call physicians for that type of renewal especially when I knew the patient was going home that day.  

I am ready to go back tomorrow with inspiration found here. By Sinus Arrythmia…a nurse who loves her job.  


One Response to “Bad Weekend”

  1. freadom1776 June 26, 2008 at 02:14 #

    I know the feeling. That’s why I work nights.

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