Report from Super Nurse

30 Sep

I had the unfortunate experience this weekend of trying to work and communicate with a night shift nurse who thinks, and verbalis”es phrases that would lead one to think that this particular nurse is the only nurse in the whole universe filled with nurses that does the job right. I have had the same run in with “Super Nurse” before. Somehow every IV saline lock has infiltrated on “her” shift and she had to change them, (that is somehow your fault even though they worked fine all day), every tubing needed labeling (she said but in reality she only changed one set), she could not understand that the patient from the cath lab did not need a sandbag because angioseal was used, she explained to one of our patients how every nurse has a different practice,” with what must of been with a negative connotation as the relationship greatly changed from one day to the next. Words like, “I was so busy all night,” and “I never like to complain,” (as she complains non-stop) Those are the words!  The actions are worse….Grabbing all the patients charts, getting up to find charts while I am trying to give report. Stopping to look up lab values, looking through orders….it is all so very distracting! All I want to do is give report and go home after 13 hours….is that to much to ask? Apparently so for that spastic Super night nurse.

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