5 Oct

It puzzles me when attending physicians are consulting cardiologists “stat” regarding sinus tachycardias before trying to figure out what is causing the tachycardia to begin with. I will admit that I blame myself too, after the fact I am always thinking…why did I not think of that earlier?! It has happened to me twice so far, both times the patients had heart rates in the 150s that was sustained, one responded to the stat beta blocker given and the other who was given stat calcium channel blocker did not respond. Either way the patients both were severely anemic with low hemoglobins (sudden drops) and one had an acute pulmonary embolism. It is like I need to beat it into my brain..”Why is the patient having Sinus tachycardia?” It is like the first thing I want to do is get the rate down and barely have a minute to think about what in the world is causing the problem.

My job is just stressing me out! It is not easy getting what I need for my patients everyshift. It should be though. It should be easier to get what the patients need, these are peoples lives. I do not want to get burned out this fast.  I still like my job, I am just not sure I am going to stay exactly where I am right now.


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