Bad days

6 Oct

how many more bad days at work will I have before
I just give up and quit.

I am not sure if it is the same everywhere because I have never been anywhere else!


One Response to “Bad days”

  1. ButtercupRN October 14, 2008 at 04:00 #

    Jane,I have been working as a nurse for nearly 30 years now,I have been in charge of a major burn center,worked in CVICU pedi and adult and Bone Marrow Transplant but the hardest place for me to work lately was tele because you have more pts with a wider variety of illness sometimes on the very edge of crashing.Hopefully you have the support of more experienced RNs and a charge nurse that’s supportive. Otherwise you suffer incredible frustration and possible burnout even this early in your career. In your first year there are going to be many frustrating days,I remember times I spent crying in the bathroom if I missed something while the other nurses helped me and assured me that I’d be OK if I kept working at it. That’s really the key;support. I don’t know the resources of where you work or if talking to management would help,it does sometimes. A good source of online help that I found is
    There is a first year of nursing forum.
    Please don’t give up but do take care of yourself.

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