To preserve bedside nursing.

14 Nov

I find it ironic when administration “lays off” plenty of people and then they say that they are doing it to “preserve bedside nursing”, it is just ridiculous. Unless they think that somehow by getting rid of middle management, education and ancillary staff is going to somehow affect the number of nurses that are always going to be needed at the bedside. It really is a no-brainer. To maintain the ratio a certain number of nurses are always going to be needed when the house is full. Things are certainly not looking good at community hospital. When they start laying off everyone except bedside nurses the place must really be in bad shape. It just annoys me that they try and pacify us bedside nurses by labeling the lay offs as “preserving bedside nursing” GIVE ME a BREAK~ The hospital is broke so they take away all of our help and then do it in the name of preserving our jobs! What a farce.


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