It is hard to be hospitalized.

26 Nov

It is hard for most people to be hospitalized, I can empathize with that~ That feeling of losing control of your daily life and needs. A person no longer eats, washes, takes medications at will, it is all done for them, or controlled by the NURSE, and hospital routines. I had this patient last week who treated my like the enemy. I understood the psyhco-logic to the patients trying to “micro manage” the care given and trying to manipulate me at the same time, but the end result will be unfortunately to the patients poor outcome. I made so many attempts to rationalize, educate, support this no avail. Finally the cardiologist transfered the patient to a medical floor because the patient was so non compliant. The patient was admitted for congestive heart failure and yet refused the treatment the second the patient got “one ounce” better. It was as if the patient thought, “I can sort of breath better now,” so I will refuse: my Lasix that is prescribed twice a day(even though I have rales in my lung bases), I will refuse my daily weights that are standard for CHF patients, I will refuse my blood pressure medications, I will refuse any respiratory treatments, I will refuse to reduce the sodium in my diet because “my body craves salt.”  The patient will accept: Meals on demand, Vicodin on demand, and ambien at night. Wow! You can eat at home,  take ambien and vicodin at home, and eat all the salt you want!

It was the perfect example of non alliance that I ever experienced. I wasted my breath for 3 twelve hour shifts trying to treat this patient as prescribed. It was exhausting and I felt so defeated because I was sure I could educate this patient!


One Response to “It is hard to be hospitalized.”

  1. Wanderer November 27, 2008 at 07:53 #

    Yep, love those folks. Think we’re a Vicodin Pez dispenser and refuse to do anything to help them get better. I wish the docs would grow a pair and kick these folks out when it gets to this point. They’re wasting all of our time and sucking our souls. You can be non-compliant at home, right?

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