Intuition *blink*

27 Jan


The power of thinking without thinking.


So I have always wondered how some people just “know”~ You know you walk into a room, you see your patient, perform a quick assessement and you just *know* something is not right.  It is times like this you feel your heart beat faster, you palms start to sweat and before you think about the facts you already know that something is not right. You might feel that you want to call in another nurse, or call the physician and say, “something is not right” with this patient, but you can not do that so you have to stop and think and use your concious, logical process of decision making. This is not to minimize that “thin-slice” of information.

Ok here is the deal…I have always thought that the intuition that we feel is not worthy because it is not objective. There is no objective information to that *gut* feeling of “something is not right, or sense of impending doom for the patient. Well…fool me once! I am reading  a book called blink, by Malcom Gladwell and it this book (I have not finished yet) there is scientific data that proves that that feeling, or split decision making within minutes actually comes from the unconcious mind sometimes.  It is rapid cognition.  It is about immediate automatic associations before logical objective thinking can take place.

It is an interesting read with many explanations to behaviour and decision making that is really hard to imagine, or rationalize. At any rate I am absorbing it in and going back to reading about the power of thinking without thinking!

2 Responses to “Intuition *blink*”

  1. a modern hell January 28, 2009 at 01:34 #

    He has a new book out, too, called Outliners, which is about why some people are successful and others aren’t.

    I really like his writing in the New Yorker as well.

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