This Pharmicist hates Nurse

29 Jan

Most of the pharmacists where I work are great and are super smart~ They can be super helpful and reassuring such as dealing with the multiple calls from nurses about dosage, compatibility, missing medications, administration timing etc…I mean I am not sure how many times I have called  the pharmacy to confirm gtt rates for certain medications, or to check the compatibility of antibiotics with say…heparin infusions (saving me from putting in additional lines in the patient.)

There is however this one  pharmacist who always likes to as nurse K would put it “jack my sh**t”.     I am serious! Here is my latest scenario with Pharmacist who hates Nurse: I have a patient circling the drain and a rapid response is called: Amongst the rapid response team is a Pharmacist who should always respond as well.  After 15 minutes it is determined that The patient is going to be transferred to ICU  –but the problem is that no beds are available. The situation during those first 15 minutes is deemed stable so the the pharmacist leaves, and the ICU nurse continues to treat the patient with assistance from myself and my charge nurse and the attending MD. Hours go by, and the patient still does not have a bed yet because ICU is full. This is all taking place in a telemetry floor. Well…the situation is deteriorating quickly and the patient needs to beintubated.  Medication orders were faxed to the pharmacy for diprovan needed for the impending intubation. So I ask one of the other nurses on the floor to walk down to the pharmacy and get the diprovan gtt for me because I knew that the ICU nurse was going to get the bolus out of the pyxis or that she was going to get it out of the code cart. Well…The pharmacist who is known for hating nurses gives her a hard time telling her to call some other pharmacist etc…The nurse leaves without the diprovan. So I call the pharmacist who hates nurses and ask why are you giving us a hard time, and he states something about a label printing out etc…I tell him…My patient is being intubated, we had to tether the patient to the bed, the patient keeps waking up, and we need the diprovan NOW, I ask the pharmacist who hates nurses if he will bring us the drip now. He then proceeds to tell me that it will take longer then.   WHAT?   I mean the orders for the diprovan were faxed to the pharmacist  at least 30 minutes prior to the intubation, at that point intubation could not be put off any longer and the MD and the RT had to proceed with tubing this patient. I mean we could not just wait around all day for the pharmacist to “get around” to dispensing the diprovan. This pharmacist who hates nurses should team up with the Angry Pharmacist (I love reading the Angry Pharmacist!!) , they would make a great duo and we would end up in tears when looking for STAT medications.  It is like  a big huge lack of communication~ Doesn’t the pharm remember that this patient was rapidly responded, is now in critical condition and near code status and we need the drugs NOW?

Ahhh….This Pharmacist HATES us!!!!!!

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