A day at the Spa

31 Jan

Well I did it. I nurse Jane had a pedicure, and I must say that I am proud of myself! I went in and had my eyebrows waxed (ouch), my nails painted and my feet pedicured.

The nail part was no problem.

 The eyebrows unfortunately got waxed to thin for my taste and now I keep looking at myself in the mirror as if I do not recognize myself~ Is that me? I look like an alien!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!! NEVER going to do to that again. Just not worth it.

The feet part was a big anxiety attack as to, “Are those tools clean?” “Who sank their feet into this tub water before me?”  Fortunately for me the salon did not offer Carp cleaning fish pedicures.  

Fish Pedicures

Can you imagine that? Wow…not for me. I am way to ticklish for that kind of treatment.

On a more serious note~ A pedicure can be dangerous as outlined in the book Death by Pedicure, written by a podiatrist, Robert Spalding.


Well I took a risk and in the end it did feel pretty neat in just took me 99% of the time to get used to it, and then it was over.

So much for a relaxing day at the Spa.


One Response to “A day at the Spa”

  1. Johnelle April 13, 2009 at 18:50 #

    this is sick and un sanitary

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