The bad nurse

6 Feb

 Since I work in a hospital…

I have hospital-o-phobia. That in turn helps me to be super nice to my patients, because just imagine being in a hospital bed, stripped of all freedom and independence, loss of all control. Everything is at the mercy of….the nurse. Nurse, nurse, nurse, Just call the nurse, can you ask her nurse, your nurse will get that etc…Your medications…your nurse will bring them…You have to go the bathroom…your nurse will walk you (do not get out of bed without pushing this button). Whenever you want to do something…your Nurse will surely interupt you with something, “It is time to check  your blood pressure, change IV, obtain samples etc.. time to go back on your bipap etc”

Whoever thought that a hospital was a place to heal is seriously mistaken.

There is no sleep, no rest in a hospital bed.

Even when it is time to leave you can not until your nurse discharges you with your paperwork.

Sometimes we look like the enemy.

How about the doctors that order tests….and do not explain or tell the patients about it. CT scans are the best!

They leave and in goes the nurse with 3 bottles of readi cat. fot the CT scan that you were never told about.

That evil nurse made me drink this!!! 

Sometimes at the end of the day I feel like a rotten person.

If I were the patient in the bed…I am not sure I would be able to lose that control.

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