Telemetry nursing

10 Feb

I survived another week at work…Now I have off for four days before going back. It is weird, just when I think I want to try something new I end up having a rewarding week at work and my mind changes.  I was seriously thinking about a change, perhaps Emergency, ICU or even Renal specialties were in my mind and I was actively researching.  Well it has been almost 2 years on telemetry for me, it seems natural to eventually travel my way to ICU.   My idea is however, I really do like telemetry nursing. It can be a dizzying experience some weeks, but I like the busyness. I like having 4-5 patients that are challenging, but not as critical to require intensive care. It is sort of like a shift on the brink all the time, a constant infusion of adrenaline. But well…I just had a good week, there are those weeks where it seems that all 5 of my patients seem closer to critical care needs and I feel drained anxious, and wrecked by the end of the shift.

Yeah well… it remains to be seen.


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