17 Feb

Could be restful sunday at the local community hospital  turned into “micro manage me” family  member who was probably rotten to her mother her whole life…plopped her in a nursing home 12 years ago and rarely visited…and now on the brink of the end of life is coming around the bend…she thinks…, ” I will show up at the acute care setting, demand to know why my mom has pooped twice today (normal), when is the podiatrist coming to cute her toenails? (what?) Freak out that mom is forgetful sometimes and demanding from the nurse(me) a neurologist be consulted(are you serious where have you been for 10 years?), frantically fix and fluff the pillows and rearrange the blankets with FIERCEurgency while sneering at the nurse (me) as if I am not doing anything for mom, (is she manic?) Demand to know when is the DOCTOR coming, (as if I have that answer and if I had an guestimate time she would be the last to know.) And just generally call me every minute via the call bell to tell me how terrible to food is or that her mom needs the bedpan, (if that was my mom…I would put her on the bed pan myself) Whew!

In my mind: “Get over it lady! Micro managing the RN on during your Mom’s last days is not going to make up for your obvious rotteness (if there is such a word).”

stop sucking up all my time and energy on your GUILT plagued mind. JUST sit down in the chair at the bedside and HOLD her hand. Tell your Mom that you love her and care about her and that you are with her. Leave me out of your mind!

But if you insist…if it really makes you feel better…just know that I know what is going on in this scenario and I will run, and run and run for YOU (your mom has been well cared for allready by ME).

I will kiss your ass so you feel better and you will not even know that I know what is going on.

The END.

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