Dr Always Admit to Telemetry

3 Mar

Dear Dr. Always Admit to Telemetry,

           I love how every week you have at least one patient that presents to the ED with chest pain and how you always admit that patient every week to telemetry and do not order any cardiac enzymes (labs)  (we do them anyway)no EKG (except the one done in the ED) and do not consult a cardiologist.


                                          PCU RN

This week was a patient who forgot to take her nexium for a week  developed epigstric pain (chest pain to the patient) and what did you do? You admitted the to telemetry, did not come to see him for 23 hours, you wrote 2 progress notes (one for yesterday), made the patient npo, consulted a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist, and the patient will most likely have a heart cath, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and soft tissue thyroid ultrasound prior to discharge.

It was bizarre! After the patient had some IV protonix, some maalox he suddenly felt better! Good luck dear patient you will not get out of here for a while.!


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