I cried (again)

5 Mar

Yup. Why does it always seem that the happy, positive patients find their way into your heart somehow, and you do everything you can for them to make them happy, safe  and comfortable, and you feel as though you have done a “good job” until the transporters come with their stretcher to take your patient to an inpatient hospice facility at another hospital and you just feel all emotional as if you are sending the patient away to die in some far away place? (that was a long sentence for me)

I ran to the bathroom and cried.

My eyes were all red and everyone knew.


I felt sad.

I do not have any problem with hospice or end of life issues. I am usually proactive about code status for terminal or end stage patients.

It is just that sometimes, it takes you by surprise.

And you think about how much you liked that patient, her stories, her life, her memories.


2 Responses to “I cried (again)”

  1. Anonymom March 6, 2009 at 14:29 #

    When my Mom went into Hospice her PT had the same reaction. You wouldn’t be human if you don’t do that with some of your patients. She was fortunate to have been in your care.

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