Employee Meetings

7 Mar

There is something fishy going on between the hospital CEO and the medical staff~or so it seems. The latest meeting described in detail the role of the Medical Staff leadership etc…It was bizarre. It sounded like a call to rally against the medical staff. (?) Maybe there was an incident or something, who knows? Not me that is for sure. I go to work, take care of my patients and leave. The inner rumors of the “higher ups” just do not interest me. blah. blah.blah.

What I did find ironic was how the Cheif Operating Officer went into great detail last years employee satisfication survey. One of the findings was that employees wanted more “Activities”. What? This was all in the same speech as to how there will be no pay raises this year. (?) I understand the importance of employee engagement, but that money spent on activities would be better suited lining the employee pockets in these tough economic times. right?

Employee engagement budget? How about a patient safety budget? Give us more RNs (instead of cancelling an hour before shift change if the census drops one patient causing us all to take more patients mid shift), or how about more support staff like nurses aides, transporters, monitor techs, clerks, RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS. I mean serisously.

Then the speech went on about how patient satisfaction and safety are the number one priority, coupled with the speech that insurance companies just do not want to pay.  (?) I wish they would leave nurses out of that topic. I just want to do my job!


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