Nursing Rounds

9 Mar

Every morning (during your most busy time),  you get report on your patients numbering from 4-6 depending on the number of nurses on and the census. You take vital signs, assess rhythm strips and history,  assess the patients from the sickest in your mind to the least sick, administer medications, keep organized in your mind where your patients are as they go to and fro testing, surgery, special procedures etc. Your mind develops your plan for these patients, and what tasks may need to be done, what paper work and charting needs to be done and the work goes on and on with the constant interupptions of family, physicians, and the needs of the patients themselves (yes they have needs). In the middle of the busiest time of your day you get a call from your clinical coordinator.  “It is time to come to rounds”  You tell her you are coming right now. You are in a room with a patient with whom you have just spent fifteen minutes with trying to get her to swallow all her pills (she does not want to) she wants to know what is the blue one for, and the red one and the  pink one, and “they do not look like that at home” , (next time you will crush them and put them in applesauce) you tell her again what each one is for, why it was prescribed, how it will help her and in the end she refuses them all anyway and you wasted your time, so you flush all the pills down the toilet and you are on your way to rounds when you patient has to pee , needs the bedpan and you have just lost another ten minutes. You run down the hall to rounds to meet your coordinator, the social worker, and the RN patient manager, and sometimes your director. You arrive and of course, someone else has already started. You repeat this times 9 and then you are the last nurse to go to rounds.  Noone is happy with you (not even your patients because they are sick), So you get to rounds and you have all the important information (to them which is diagnosis, vax stats, and heart rhythm, or why do they tele?) and you are done in under ten minutes.  You say out loud, “I rock” , they say, “no you do not.” (because I was the first one called and the last one to arrive. I explained about how patients needs come first and situations arrive such as on that one morning that prevented me from getting there earlier. They shoot you down anytime they get a chance! Wow. I was stunned. That is a great way to keep nurses working on the floor for you. Such a negative vibe that I have resolved at some point to venture away from there and while I am not actually seeking a new job, I am researching my alternatives.  I am thinking either Emergency or Intensive.  

The future remains to be determined.

In the mean time I will remember to screw everyone else and RUN to rounds the next time I am summoned like a good little monkey.


4 Responses to “Nursing Rounds”

  1. Wanderer March 9, 2009 at 06:34 #

    Patient care always comes first. They should know better! The powers that be are trying to get this started on our sister unit and if it goes well, ours as well. Hopefully it will be better than your experience with it.

    • seejanenurse March 9, 2009 at 12:29 #

      I think the rounds serve their purpose and it does help the nurse to organize around the plan for the patient, but when they get all nasty about it because they want to finsish within a certain amout of time….errr. They should at least play nice.

  2. Strong One March 9, 2009 at 19:29 #

    You have your priorities straight.
    Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  3. sneha April 11, 2011 at 05:38 #

    I very much agree nursing rounds are positive for the nurse and the patient .The nurse is able to priorotise the care for the patient and enable better nursingcare.

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