Update on Fake V Tach

11 Mar

Later that shift I notified the Nursing Supervisor about the incident with the fake V Tach. I showed her the strip of alleged V Tach and the nursing supervisor was irritated because the med/surg RN kept calling her when I would not run up and get the patient off the floor the minute they called.  (for good reasons).

The supervisor put the referal in to the education dept becaue even though this particular med surg floor only has 2 beds that can be monitored via telemetry the RNs working there should be able to determine V Tach versus Artifact.

Or at a minimum be able to further investigate the situation before playing musical beds musical floors all over the hospital.

Certainly I was annoyed to say the least, exacerbated by the med surg nurse “rushing” me for “nothing”

I am done ranting for now.


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