ED Holding

19 Mar

So I worked an extra shift today and how do I get thanked? By getting pulled to the holding tank where every patient that is admitted goes to that does not have an actual bed yet.

It is in the holding tank that you are stuck between a rock and a hard stone because the ED wants those rooms so they can assess more patients and clear the waiting room, (naturally) and the floors are stuck in a quagmire bottleneck half the time discharging and moving patients around and of course the nurse on the floor who is busy and refusing to take report right away…and your day is just a ball of angst.

Not to mention the fact that you are seen as the “intruder” sucking up the space of fast track…as if you really wanted to manage about 15 patients total, 4 at a time, see the patients for like one hour, not chart at thing and send them to the floor where you get bitched at by the floor nurse because you have had the patient for an hour and know little to nothing except what the previous nurse told you as they whisked the patient into your holding tank in the hallways!

Wow…the shift goes by really really fast.


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