Lame Nurse Blog

21 May

So I suppose I have been neglecting this blog  lately in pursuit of other creative endeavours. I feel lame. That and nothing really exciting has been going on: on the job.   Either I am becoming an experienced nurse and nothing is so shocking anymore, or it has just been sort of–(I do not want to say it)    q u i e  t.    ooops I said the  “q” word.    sorry.   The truth is my last few shifts have been pretty much hemodynamically stable.  No alcoholics in tremor or metabolic encephalopathy with ninth month looking bellies trying to climb out of bed, no little bitty grannies cursing me out refusing their lasix, no one in septic shock from urinary catheters left in for months at a time at the nursing home with tanking blood pressures: strange just a semi stable bunch of atrial fibrillation, CHFers and, chest pains with rule out MI that are discharged after all the cardiac enzymes are negative and no ECG changes.   And it seems that the best hospital in the universe (aka: where I work) is admitting everyone (aka: the census must be low) and everyone must be admitted to telemetry of course.

I think I am going  to head on over to the hospital down the way for some emergency nursing PRN; I heard they would give me a job and I am an adrenaline addict: I need some more action.


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