I am back

28 Jul

Oh! I went on vacation and have been totally out of the loop! I have to play catch up to read everyones goings on–in this sick I-am-not-alone world known as health care. I wondered how it would be to step into the work again after being on vacation as if I would of forgotten how to do my job.

No. Nothing of the sort! I started lines on my patients, managed the drippy drips. Helped people to poop (and pee). Provided emotional support for families. Listened to the hearts and lungs of all my patients and my own heart too! 🙂 Fixed a flash pulmonary edema (again) as realized by: Shortness of breath, Hypertension, Rales 3/4 the way up the lungs, Respiratory rate >30, all in a patient with a cardiac history admitted with rapid Atrial fibrillation on amio drip and getting IV fluids of NSS @125ml/hour for the last 24 hours. I should of known to shut off those fluids as soon as I started working but I hesitated as the patient was dry and not eating and also renally impaired with metastatic cancer to top off the problems. So I let them run and then ended up: fixing the problem by: getting from the MD: (can anyone guess?) Lasix, Morphine, Hydralazine, and of course shutting off the fluids immediately.


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