Interventional Radiologist you do not rock

6 Aug

Unbelievable. I had always heard stories of those maniac, big baby doctors who throw charts, curse out nurses and generally act like big brats. I have had some brief experiences with jerky– like MDs but nothing to the point of actually becoming upset about it until most recently.

Last week I get a patient from the night nurse who received the patient from the ED around 0300. The patient is emmaciated, chachetic, dehydrated, hypotensive but with a normal mentation and normal heart rate.

The problem: the patient has no intravascular access and not a vein in sight ANYWHERE. Great for us, there is an order for a PICC line insertion in the morning. What? I would think that the ER doc should of at least put in a central or given us some type of access.

Anyway the patient also needs a lumbar puncture as the patient was immuno-compromised with a history of meningitis just last year.

So the interventional radiologist is consulted for the lumbar puncture.

PICC line nurse is as the bedside all sterile and ready to insert the line. The sign on the door reads: Sterile procedure in process, DO NOT ENTER.

So I am in the room across the hall with another patient and I see the interventional radiologist pound on the closed door with the clear warning sign. He opens the door and demands that the IR nurse stop what she is doing and bring the patient down to specials immediately for the lumbar puncture.

Ha! Who the hell did he think he was? She told him no, I am inserting right now and will be done in less than 30 minutes.

The jerk comes to the nurses station. Demands in a loud manner to see the primary nurse (me) and when I reveal myself he begins to tell-me-off, verbalizes that my supervisor should be fired, and if the patient is not down in the specials dept in the next 15 minutes—he is leaving! All of this done by him in a HUGE rant about how he has other places to go, things to do, his time is valuable, he does not need this crap, why are we (nursing) so unorganized?

I begin to tell him that…the patient has no vascular access and did he really want the PICC line nurse to stop the procedure and send the patient to him like that? He says put in a peripheral, I says if that were possible the patient would not be getting a STAT central line. He says it should of been done earlier. I says sure in a perfect world, but you are more than welcome to insert the central line yourself and then do the lumbar puncture if-you-like. Oh that tickled him pink, he was boiling mad. Then I says do you want the attending on the phone, we can call him on his mobile phone if you like and then you can explains yourself that you-are-gonna- leave without doing the lumbar.

He storms back to his little department where he can apparently abuse the interventional rad nurses and techs.

Ewww*vomit in my shoes* … apparently he is well known for these outbursts of immaturity.

He made an ASS of himself in front of all the cardiologists who were at the nurses station–working.

They were all like wondering who the hell was that jerk? And I gladly told everyone his name! That was Dr. Nasty Pants Interventional Radiologist.  No-More-Consults-For-You-Dr-Nasty! At least not from any of the Doctors that witnessed your immaturity on that day!

Dude you suck!


2 Responses to “Interventional Radiologist you do not rock”

  1. Wanderer August 6, 2009 at 22:23 #

    He’s just pissed off because he had to leave his cave. Don’t you know, light, especially daylight is near deadly to radiologists? IR guys have a higher threshold, but tend to have more histrionic reactions to it.

    That said, what a dick.

    • seejanenurse August 9, 2009 at 01:07 #

      Yeah! I did not even thing about that dark aspect of radiology! What a jerk.

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