12 Aug

I was going to post another picture of a Stage IV pressure ulcer but I opted not to as I find it so disturbing.

One of the main reasons for me not ever wanting to work on a medical floor: wound care.

I just do not like dressing, packing, crying over sticking my whole hand inside someones back to remove and repack these deep wounds.

I like telemetry where the average length of stay is so short pressure ulcers do not have time to develop. I will be on it from now on with my bed bound patients, turning them every two hours: is not a plan of care developed by administrators in white coats. Patients who can not move need to be turned by you, the nurse; unless you find yourself able to ensure your support staff complies with your plan and actually carries it out.

I am always so upset by these type of wounds.

Just reminding you in case you forgot.


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