The Float Nurse

15 Aug

The float nurse treats us as we treat them.

I love my co-workers and would never let them down but I have seen this first hand on numerous occasions:

Charge nurse needs to make up a group for the nurse getting floated to our floor: She needs 4 patients.

So charge nurse asks 4 nurses: “Who can I take out of your group?”

Every nurse gives up the sickest, most demented, most completely confused heaviest patient.

Float nurse gets the group with the highest acuity, most likely to have a fall and ripped out IVs and Catheters all-night-long.

It really seems unfair.

So one day I get report on one patient from said float nurse: we round on the patient, found sitting in bed, confused, and bleeding from the IV that she just ripped out because: I am going home today, my husband is waiting for me. Right, you have not lived at home for years and your husband is dead (I am thinking).

Float nurse leaves and I do not give her a problem.

I start a new line and let her go.


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