5 Stable Patients

31 Aug

I had one of those busy (with paperwork and other mundane nursing tasks that we have to do~ the kind of tasks that make me think *i would rather be starting IVs for everyone on the floor* than to do this paperwork.)

Anyway at 7pm I give report to one of the night nurses that I find is so emotionally bogged down into this weird pseudo-relationship that: if you pick me all the time and we are together since we work the same days~i will calm down and not be a total nut job while your trying to give me report (that is night nurse). So it has been a while seen me and emotionally bogged down night nurse and I have been together. Together= we both work 3 shifts in a row every week on the same days and sign out to each other, making the whole report process much quicker: just updates. Me and nut job night nurse on day 1: I give report on 5 stable patients. It takes 43 long minutes of our time. Then we do rounds. Rounds=we walk into the room, I introduce you, you see the patient is in no distress, I leave, end of story. Well nutty decides to have a conversation with all 5 patients while I am impatiently huffing under my breath, trying to be polite but oh so irritated.

I say good bye and nutty frantically shuffling papers says out loud: oh my night is so busy I wonder how many of these people are going to code tonight.


You have got to be kidding me or you need a new job.

5 stable patients.

1 nutty night nurse.


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