dictation dream

12 Oct
wow! listen to that rhythmic dictating voice!

wow! listen to that rhythmic dictating voice!

Oh dear Radiologist. My day was going smooth. The usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Found myself performing nursing assessments, medication administration, monitoring signs, changing a wet pad here or there, educating patients, providing emotional support, titrating heparin, hanging cardizem drips, checking labs, calling doctors, the same old same old. Wendy, the medical surgical nurse of 5 years who is new to PCU nursing and acts like fresh grad sucks me dry cause she can not keep up and drowns every shift within her insecurity and lingers on tasks and symptoms of a lesser priority and I pity her cause I remember my first six months of my nursing career. I start her IVs, listen to her worries. Yesterday while she was drowning consumed by family members, she asks me to call the dictation line and get the results of a CT scan on one of her patients.

It goes like this: patient gets testing, radiologist dictates into the phone the results, and someone in some dark office transcribes the verbage and it appears in the computer hours later. When you can not wait hours for this to happen, you can call the dictation line and listen to the report recorded straight from the radiologists mouth. Sometimes if it is urgent: like MRI for stroke, you might call the radiologist yourself or if the radiologist calls you, well then you know the results are not good.

It is just the process.

Yesterday lost in my own mind, I call the dictation line for Wendy. I have my finger on the number 3 button on the phone for short rewind because usually they talk, dictate so fast you have to keep rewinding to make sure you hear it right and write it down because you will most likely be calling the MD with the results.

I hear his voice, calm and steady, speaking in paced controlled intervals and I see him in my mind starting at the top and looking at the scan and hear him describe the anatomy from the chest to the pelvis, landmark to landmark. His descriptions force visualization in my mind.

it goes chest (findings findings findings) space (findings findings findings) period (findings findings findings) comma (findings findings findings) period. (findings findings findings) next paragraph(findings findings findings) comma (findings findings findings) period next paragraph

abdomen (findings findings findings) period (findings findings findings)  comma (findings findings findings) period next paragraph

pelvis (findings findings findings) comma (findings findings findings)  space (findings findings findings) period (findings findings findings) period (findings findings findings) comma (findings findings findings) period

impression  one (findings findings findings) comma(findings findings findings)  period  two (findings findings findings) period  three (findings findings findings) period dictation number blah blah blah blah

It was so competent, so complete, I was impressed amazed and happy. I hung up the phone and announced at the nurses station. I think there is a new radiologist in town and his voice is a dream that I almost stopped writing while listening verbatim. I did not get his name at the end of dictation but I know he  is hiding in that dark room reading images right now and I think I am about to go down there and tell him “I love your voice and your dictation skills are awesome.” Of course I have no time to bust into the dark room and actually do that and it would appear insane anyway, so I think about calling on the phone and the unit clerk says “I think you should call him and tell him, so many times calls are only made to complain, do something random!” I look at the four digit number on my clipboard: the direct line to the dark reading room. I pull out my hospital cell and get ready to dial…..the telemetry monitor starts screaming, some patient appears to be in SVT or a rapid atrial fibrillation ( can not really tell with a rate that fast)  up to the 200s. I look and find it is my patient alarming. Cell phone goes in the pocket. I walk briskly to the room. My patient is hardly responsive, hypertensive, febrile, and the bed is soaked with urine.  The family at the bedside has that worried look. The nurse aid escorts her to the hallway. I take out my cell phone and call for assistance. Everyone comes, the code cart is rolled in. Another nurse brings supplies that might be needed to save someone from unnecessarily opening the code cart. The patient is stabilized and rate controlled with a cardizem bolus leaving her in a better controlled atrial fib but the MD still wants her in the unit. I try to change her wet pad before she is rolled up to the unit (priorities!) but the critical care RN begs me to stop so I do. They wheel her up for me, cause it is shift change and the nurse relieving me is waiting for report. I sit down in my chair, it is over. I look at the four digit number to the reading room. Give report and go home. Never did make the call.

3 Responses to “dictation dream”

  1. Terry October 15, 2009 at 02:10 #

    I think you need to make that call….I’m just saying….

    • seejanenurse October 15, 2009 at 13:26 #

      *cries* to late! And guess what? I never got the name! I will never know who is behind that awesome dictating competant voice (usually they are to fast, or lacking description)! What are the chances that will happen again (not high)? Oh well…rock someone elses world with random kindness another time!


  1. Let me do it « See Jane Nurse - November 2, 2009

    […] me do it. Even if it means speed charting at the end of the shift. My only distraction would be that darn dictator, I could sit for that and press 3 for short rewind a few […]

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