lazy nurse go learn something

12 Nov

I am lazy and neglectful around my brain. It was several months ago that my beloved hospitals education department tempted all the nurses on the telemetry floors to study for PCCN certification and I was super motivated. I showed up for the classes, did all the homework , and took home the ten audio lectures on my flash drive and the worksheets and said to myself I can do it.

What happened? The first section is Pulmonary which comprises 14% of the test, second to Cardiac which is 36% of the test (thankfully). So here I am still studying Pulmonary, I keep dwelling there, not because I am not comfortable there but because the next lecture, the next section is Neurology. It is not that I do not like the neuro, hell I know I have a whacked out limbic system, but it is just that it just does not excite me that much. I have one fave neuro MD, but only because he likes to chew pink bubble gum and blow bubbles in the halls like me when no one else is looking (busted); I like to slip him some gum when he is unaware to be accused later when he finds it, “How did you get that gum in my pocket?” and I reply, “While you were assessing my patient of course.”   I might be neurotic, he might know that. That is about the only thing I like about neurology so far. I feel terrible caring for the stroke patient that comes in rapid atrial fibrillation and find a history of atrial fibrillation and blood work that reveals a sub-therapeutic INR.  I just do not have the answers to: when is this going to get better? to the families of patients who are presenting with stroke. I am not saying that I always have to know the outcome, I can deal with the un-predictable factor, but maybe I just need some more education and here I am delaying the studying by writing this in the first place; procrastinate I do. I should get into it, after all I am caring for stroke patients, especially the ones with arrhythmias. I know what I have to know at the minimum. Yes I certified to score the NIH on admission, but I just do not like it, and still have to get out that little assessment book to score the patient appropriately. I am being pessimistic but I should reveal that I have seen patients actually have an acute stroke after admission to the hospital that received tPA and have had good outcomes. I should lighten up about this predicament I find myself in.

I could happily skip from Pulmonary to Cardiac and then on to the Nephro because there is something I like about the way the dialysis machine spins and smells. I know it is strange loving, but I get a thrill out of chemistry and Renal is filled with it.  I loved chemistry in school and I still rock (like some other person I know) like a tetrahedrally bonded carbon atom with a strong covalent bond, adamas: a diamond.  The first thing I really noticed about ABGs was if all the values went up or down in the same direction you see a metabolic disorder, sick way of learning, I know.  I will think about nephro when I get tired of spinning on IV poles in the halls, and that is going to be a good long while I am sure.

After that I will study the rest, or maybe I will just go take the test because after all this might just be one more way of being lazy. I did not do horrid on the pre-test. I do not know what I am really waiting for. Maybe because I know that I am a good test taker but if I pass does not mean I really know anything!  This way I just keep on learning; sick way of learning, I know.


2 Responses to “lazy nurse go learn something”

  1. Terry November 28, 2009 at 03:25 #

    I absolutely love your blog….when I am feeling like I don’t want to be a nurse, or that I am getting a little bored…I come here and read how you do it! yes…keep learning! that’s the key.. don’t let it all go stale or it’s just “another job”. Love it!

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