I am happy with my small heart.

20 Apr

skAte Love by DoT Dep

credit the devianARTist. Yeap. I have been crushing on devianART for years, there are some fine artists over there.

That skate board is busted. It will never fly again. Some hearts get broken, never to beat again. Sometimes they can be fixed. Sometimes you just want someone to crack your chest open, while you are awake, show you that you do have a heart and then kiss it with an antibiotic lip.

Alcoholic induced cardiomyopathy can get better with the cessation of alcohol and some beta blockers, they say. Stress induced cardiomyopathy, ya know, the broken-hearted syndrome? It is totally reversible, do not let anyone fool you. Next time you get upset and you feel it in your heart: just tell yourself this: This is nothing more than catecholamines being released tearing me up, and basically stunning my heart.

So, I do not need a big heart. I do not want dilated ventricles and hypertrophy and the cycle of that reckless compensatory mechanism that all starts with the low cardiac output sans dehydration.

I am happy with my small heart. ❤

4 Responses to “I am happy with my small heart.”

  1. my2ndheartbeat April 21, 2010 at 01:00 #

    May you NEVER have a broken heart, literally or figuratively.

    May your angel wings flutter a bit each time a life is saved.

    I know you aren’t a transplant nurse, and tomorrow is Transplant Nurses Day, but I am sending you good thoughts all the same.

    NURSES ROCK!!!!!

  2. Katie Morales April 23, 2010 at 13:45 #


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